Southern Medical, Inc.

Southern Medical, Inc. Introduces the three "R"s in quality home medical equipment.


  We understand that some patients need time-scheduled deliveries. We realize all patients are not discharged Monday through Friday, 9 to 5. Wether it is a time-scheduled delivery, a special piece of equipment, or a question about reimbursement, when SOUTHERN MEDICAL says, "Yes, we can ...", you can rest assured we will come through for the physician and the patient.  

  Home Oxygen Systems
  Aerosol/Humidity Systems
  Respiratory Disposables

  Hospital Beds and Accessories
  Wheelchairs, Geriatric Chairs
  Walk Aids - Canes, Quad Canes, Walker
  Bathroom Safety Aids
  Traction Equipment

  Breast Pumps


  SOUTHERN MEDICAL is challenged to be responsive to the needs of everyone involved in the discharge process, reducing paperwork, answering questions, remaining flexible and being aware of a wide range of patient needs.  

  Bilingual office, clinical, and delivery status
  24-hour, seven day a week availability
  Same day delivery when necessary
  Manufacturer-trained repair technicians
  Saturday service hours
  Knowledgeable service representatives to answer all your questions

  Full time Respiratory Therapists on staff
  In-hospital patient education
  In-home setup and complete patient/family instruction
  Utilization Review Program
  Written followup reports to physicians and home health care professionals


  Over 30 years combined medical billing experience
  Direct Medicare and private insurance billing
  Patient relieved of the complexities of financial paperwork
  We monitor Medicare and private insurance carriers for changes in their reimbursement structures


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